Sven wrote:
>  - New features go into the HEAD branch. We may consider to merge
>    certain smaller things back into the stable branch, but new stuff
>    always first goes into the HEAD branch.

I haven't seen a message from Mitch about it yet, but he mentioned to me
recently that he wanted to depend on gtk+ 2.6 very rapidly after the release. I
don't know what features are in 2.6 that will be used in the GIMP (perhaps mitch
is better able to answer that than me), but I'm sure the gtk+ guys got lots of
stuff in there which we would be interested in.

I persuaded him that an outright dependency should wait a couple of weeks after
branching, to allow people working on outstanding stuff that didn't make it in
time for 2.2 (meadata editor, for example?) who might have problems updating
the dependency stack to gtk+ 2.6 to get their outstanding stuff committed.

I think that a couple of weeks is reasonable for that, and if the changes that
we pull in from gtk+ 2.6 don't use any of the new APIs, perhaps we could
reccommend gtk+ 2.6 rather than require it, in the short term.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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