Selon Michael Schumacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> William Skaggs wrote:
> > Sven wrote:
> >>But isn't it accessible from http://wilber.gimp.org/~raphael/metadata/ ?
> >
> > No, that doesn't exist any more.  And I don't think it ever had the
> > source code anyway -- but I may be wrong about that.
> There seems to be at least a bit of source code:
> http://wilber.gimp.org/~raphael/metadata/src/

When that's ready to commit, it may well supercede part of what Bill has done,
but I'm in favour of this code (which works, and does something which is often
requested) going into CVS. An awful lot of the code in CVS is "going to be
replaced" and has been like that for year - we should not wait for a module
which is in the works, when there is code written already which gives people
features now. We're not talking about someone duplicating effort, since the
effort is already done.

I thought it was amusing that someone said to Bill that storing metadata in lots
of little parasites is not the right thing - 2 years ago, people told me exactly
the opposite.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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