On Saturday 08 January 2005 13:40, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
>    Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 11:24:49 -0800
>    From: Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    Sven Neumann writes:
>    > Assuming your camera adds EXIF info, are you seriously telling 
>    > that you do not run 'exiftran -a -i' on each and every image you
>    > ever shoot and instead use GIMP to rotate them?
>    Add another voice to all the others saying "No, I leave my
>    originals untouched, and only edit copies".
> Unfortunately, thus far you and I are the only ones taking this
> position.

You can add me to the list.  I also leave my originals alone.   As you 
say this is just good photographic practice.  I have negatives that 
are almost 70 years old that are in nearly new condition that I got 
from my fathers photo collection before he died and I have my own 
collection of negatives and slides that goes back about 45 years.  All 
have been carefully stored and are only touched to make 
"copies" (digital now days).  My brother is a professional 
photographer and he also leaves his digital originals alone and only 
edits copies.   I am sure that there are others on this list that also 
agree but have not said so on the list.  In any case I don't see any 
reason to not do the same with digital originals. 

> I can't speak for every single photographer in the world, but as a
> matter of general principle, you don't mess with your negatives.  The
> one thing I do to them is chmod 400 so I don't accidentally write 
> them.  However, I use kimdaba (which is EXIF-aware) to index them.  
> I want to edit a particular image, I'll read it into the GIMP (which 
> can do from right-click in kimdaba), save it elsewhere (that's why 
> chmod 400), and then start editing it.
> If a particular application isn't EXIF-aware, tough on it.  The ones 
> care about are kimdaba, the GIMP, and Photoprint, when it's ready
> (which one of the Gimp-Print developers is working on).
> Having to dismiss a completely irrelevant warning every time I want 
> edit a digital photograph is simply annoying.
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