Hallo Joao,

Well there is no specific goal why I m looking for such a integration.
It s simple the wish that both gimp and also blender having the best
python or scripting interface possible.And if both interfaces are similar
I think this is a good idea.
In my view python is the successor of logo.
So also a form of programming suitable for kids or young people.
2) With Gimp it is similar.In the meantime it is so powerful that 
it can turn into a meanstream program beating Photoshop and so with
a lot of nice site-effects like a big numbers of books published or
projects running
3) And at least with a similar interface it would also help to make the
steep learning curve a bit lower for blender.So that it is also a chance for
any sort of 3D programming for everybody



> On Tuesday 28 December 2004 18:14, Gottfried Zojer wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I m new to gimp  in some aspect.Is there anybody working on a
> > integration of blender and gimp to use it it also for scientific
> > visualizations like in astronomy etc. Thanks for any feedback.(The
> > most welcomed language would be python)
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> Hi!
> Happy new year to you- I am just back from holidays.
> :-)
> I am not a blender user - but I do python scripts for GIMP.
> Threre is a project from a close firendo f mine for, along this year, 
> to have me a couple blender persons working together on a multimedia 
> free-course, that would do Gimp, Blender, Pov-Ray, python scripting 
> and animation.
> So, I am interested in keeping in touch on this subject!
> Do you have any work in progreess, any specific requests, or were just 
> trying to find more people?
> Regards!!
>       JS
>       -><-
> > Gottfried
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