Sven wrote:
> Actually, no code should be committed to CVS at the moment until we
> have made up a roadmap that outlines what we want to achieve with GIMP
> 2.4. 

Here is my personal roadmap of things I would like to be able to
put into 2.4, assuming all goes well:

1) New rectangle select tool that allows adjustment of rectangle after
creation.  (Implemented in my personal tree with the exception of
keybindings.  Implemented as a separate tool, so it can be tested 
and improved without losing the standard rect-select.)

2) Dialog allowing items (layers, etc) to be aligned with each other
in various ways.  (Implemented as plug-in, ~60% implemented as core

3) Variable blur plugin.  (Currently in Registry.)

4) Various enhancement to gimpressionist.  (Implemented in my
tree for quite some time.)

5) Get Gfig to use its own generated brushes for stroking, and to do
libart stroking.  (Not implmented, but not hard.)

6) Allow data items such as brushes, patterns, etc to be organized
into categories.  (Not implemented.)

I see #6 as far and away the most important, and I would like
it to be the main focus of my effort, assuming we can come up with
a good plan.  We have discussed this on #gimp and made progress, I
think, though not to the extent of pinning down the details.

  -- Bill

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