Michael Schumacher wrote:

When trying this plug-in on Win32, I noticed some paths with / in them, /usr/lib/something. This is platform dependant, there a functions in glib to build paths using the system path separator.

Also, it would be nice if the default location for profiles would be system independant, maybe in the users profile/home directory.

You're right I maintained the original paths of the plug-in, which are system dependant. I'll take it into account in the clean-up.

In fact some part of this plugin are redundant as in the actual version on Gimp There is a plugin that manages screen profiles and there are people workin in aplying profiles to the printed output.

Which plug-ins are you referring to? If you're tlaking about gimp-print for the printing part, please consider that this isn't available on Win32 - so the color manager could be of some use there.

I was referring to gimp-print and to the libcdisplay_proof (for printer and screen respectively)

The idea is to remove all the redundant parts and leave only the application of scanner ICC profiles to the image.

Maybe the initial versiopn should be identical to one available for older versions of GIMP. You can always reove redundant things later.

I agree, in fact I started with this because I was an user of the plug-in in the older versions of GIMP and I couldn't wait for a newer version of the plug-in because I had already a stock of slides that needed to be scanned.

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