now that GIMP 2.2 is out and the major problems with the early 2.2.x
releases seem to have been fleshed out, it would be nice if we could
put some effort into documenting some of the new stuff that's hidden
in the 2.2 version. So this is a plea for help on documenting things.
I am sorry that I don't have the time to do all this myself, but I can
at least try to make a list of things that I think would be worth
writing about...

 - (re)configuring keyboard shortcuts (using Dynamic Shortcuts, the
   new Shortcut Editor or simply by editing the menurc

 - the new file-chooser dialogs and how to use them best (explain
   keybindings and the use of bookmarks)

 - copy and paste between GIMP and other apps (what works, what doesn't)

 - drag and drop (inside GIMP and to and from other apps)

 - the new input controllers and how to use them
    o configuring the mouse wheel
    o configuring the cursor keys
    o fancy USB input devices
    o using MIDI equipment as GIMP input devices

 - setting up a tablet for use in GIMP

 - a collection of tips and tricks focusing on stuff that's new in 2.2

 - nifty things you can tweak in the Preferences dialog and in gimprc

 - customizing the GIMP user interface

 - customizing the splash image

 - batch processing images

There are also a couple of changes that affect developers which should
be mentioned, probably best added to the API reference manuals:

 - migrating plug-ins/scripts from GIMP 1.2 GIMP 2.x
    o how to use the --pdb-compat-mode command-line option

 - new widgets in 2.2
    o GimpPreview
    o GimpIntComboBox
    o ...

 - new PDB functions
    o gimp-context API and how to use it

All of this stuff (and more) would be nice to have. The format and
place doesn't really matter but of course it would be best to
integrate this somehow into one of the following resources:

 - the GIMP User Manual (please contact gimp-docs list)
 - the www.gimp.org web-site (please contact gimp-web list)
 - the developer.gimp.org web-site (ditto)
 - the API reference manuals (please contact gimp-developer list)
 - the man-pages (ditto)

But you could just write up something, put it online and post the URL
here or just send us some text that we will try to add where
appropriate. Docs also don't have to be perfect. It's often sufficient
to start with something.  Docs can always be completed and improved
later. The developers will happily point out wrong information and
fill in the missing bits.

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