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[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-01 at 1258.50 +0100):
> I can't test that currently, but I imagine it's nice sometimes, 
> but will be counterproductive in other cases -> I would like to 
> have it as an option. And if there should be no option, I would 
> prefer the known, not inverted behaviour.

There is even a more generic solution proposed in

> BTW, how about using tilt for a closer airbrush simulation?
> That is, not having a fixed shape brush, but a tilt depending 
> cone.

That would be nice, but IMHO would require a real push in the tablet
mappings, so limit, reference angles and so on could be set. When
working with a real airbrush, you can move it with more freedom than a
tablet pen (basically cos you hold it, not try to press it against the
surface) and in some cases you can also move the target surface. I
have been trying to do things with pipe brushes, and well... I found
that I can choose between using the pen in really weird angles or
create brushes with some tips that will never be used with normal
handling, due lack of control in the angle limits.

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