Gerhard GauÃling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven Neumann wrote:
>> -ÂdisplayÂprofile
> should be adjusted _once_ systemwide (every time changeable by systemwide
> color preferences independant from the GIMP, as used by (e.g.)scribus [1],
> inkscape [2], sodipodi[3] wine e.g. for Photoshop and maaybeee by
> commercial apps available for *nix like Page Stream [4], Cenon [5], Viva
> Designer [6]) with an monitor profile (like the one of l-prof or
> adobe-gamma etc.), there for it would be a little overwhelming to have this
> choice again in the opening file dialog, if the profile doesn't fits the
> working color space.

Yes, ideally it would be configured systemwide. Not once, but once per
monitor. But unless a standard exists for system-wide color management
configuration, we don't have much choice but to implement our own
configuration. If you can point me to such a standard, we will of
course consider to adopt it.

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