Sven wrote:
> It's just an argument, not a requirement. Simply something that might
> be worth keeping in mind. Is this really only relevant to file
> plug-ins? A metadata editor would need to use these functions as well,
> wouldn't it? 

Raphael's plan, which makes sense to me, is that the metadata editor
and metadata accessor functions will work exclusively with XMP, and that 
file plug-ins will translate between XMP and other metadata formats 
(IPTC, EXIF, DICOM, etc) on loading or saving, using interface functions 
supplied by the metadata system.  So the interface functions 
xxx_metadata_store_exif() and xxx_metadata_generate_exif() only come into 
play when loading or saving a file with exif data.  Fortunately the Adobe XMP 
specification completely defines the translation between EXIF data and XMP 
data, so the EXIF->XMP->EXIF round trip can be done without losing any 

> Hmm, so if I open an image, do some color corrections, but do not
> rotate it, the orientation tag is supposed to change? I can hardly
> believe that. But if you say that's what the spec says... 

It *is* what the spec says, and it seems to me that the only reasonable
assumption is that if the user looks at the image before saving it,
what the user sees is what the user wants.  I admit that for non-interactive
use this might not always be the most desireable thing, and perhaps it is
worth thinking about whether that should (or could) be handled differently.

  -- Bill

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