"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   I have been working on a new rectangle-select tool to meet some
> of the deficiencies of the existing one, and would like to commit
> what I have to cvs if it is okay.

Please don't commit this before we have finished this discussion (that
we should have had before you wrote the first line of code).

>   Here is an overview of what I have currently:
>   The "New Rect Select" is implemented as a separate tool, which
> does not conflict with the existing rect-select tool and would not
> replace it until everybody is satisfied with it.  The source code
> is based on the crop tool, and in many ways resembles it, although
> there are important differences.

The crop tool code is the most broken piece of code in that
directory. What we really need is not another Crop tool but an
abstract rectangle tool that the crop tool, text tool and perhaps even
the rect-select tool can be derived from.

>   The tool options have two new entries, toggles for "Adjustable"
> and "Show dialog".
>   If "Adjustable" is checked, then the shape of the rectangle can
> be modified after it has been drawn, by moving the corners in the
> same way that works for the crop tool.  Once it is satisfactory,
> clicking inside the rectangle converts it into a selection.  Clicking
> outside the rectangle cancels the tool.
>   If "Adjustable" is not checked, then the rectangle is converted
> to a selection as soon as the mouse button is released.  (That is, it
> behaves like the existing rect-select.)

That sounds akward. Why would I have to convert a selection to a
selection? This should be hidden from the user.

>   If "Show dialog" is checked, then a dialog closely resembling the
> crop tool dialog is shown whenever the tool is working, allowing
> values to be entered using the keyboard, and also containing buttons
> labeled "From selection" and "Auto shrink".  (The "From selection"
> button creates a rectangle to fit the bounds of the existing
> selection.)

This is also akward. The crop tool shouldn't have a dialog, nor should
we add one to a possible new rectangle tool. The current rect-select
tool shows how the tool-options can be used for this.

>   As always, everything is open to change, and nothing is written in
> stone, and all feedback is welcome.

I will try to sit down later today and write up a completely different
proposal since I don't like your's at all.

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