In my experience, being implimentation agnostic is not good-
it can fragment the scripting community,
Script X dosent work with Tiny fu but and VsVercer for other scripts ,...... you know, it just gets messy.
Its best top keep to one, newbies will ask which to use and get confusticated answeres by opinionated experts.

Sounds like tinyfu is better and smalled, grerater development?
Why not switch?

- Cam

PS, Im implying that scripting in the 2 script-fu ansd tiny fu isnt the same, if it is - then maby my arg dosent hold, tho in my expereince implimentations are useually diff.


I would hope that if ScriptFu is pulled out,
TinyFu will also provide an interpreter directly in GIMP's GUI that one can use interactively. (I haven't used TinyFu)...
Perhaps the two interpreters could also co-exist as part of the normal build for one release, at least, while scripts get converted? Just a thought...


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