I would hope that if ScriptFu is pulled out,
TinyFu will also provide an interpreter directly in GIMP's GUI that one can use interactively. (I haven't used TinyFu)...

Tiny-Fu was built using the framework of Script-Fu. It has all the main features of Script-Fu (except for the Browse button in Console mode) but users a Scheme interpreter which follows the standards more closely than the interpreter used in Script-Fu.

I would suggest you look at the web page and go over the FAQ in the meantime. It should help you better understand the Tiny-Fu project and how it compares to Script-Fu. You could even try using it. :-)

For those of you who don't already know, the Tiny-Fu web page can be found at:

(And to some others on gimp-devel: Yes, I know I said I would write an e-mail a while back to talk about Tiny-Fu and to "sell" it. I swear its on my ToDo list. Other projects have kept it from getting to the top of the list. I will write something up about this long before GIMP 2.4 is released. Really!)

co-exist as part of the normal build for one release, at least, while scripts get converted? Just a thought...

I started development of Tiny-Fu in a copy of the GIMP source tree. Now I work on it outside the source tree as it is now a separate module. I don't see it getting added to the main tree any time soon and I don't think it should be. Anyone who can build GIMP can download the source for Tiny-Fu, build it, and install it along side Script-Fu. For the Windows users a pre-built binary exists.

I don't have the space available to host pre-built binaries for all the different OS and distro's which can run GIMP but I would be happy to provide pointers on the Tiny-Fu web page to any binaries which someone else builds and makes available for download.


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