RaphaÃl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This is again a good idea, but does this mean that the plug-ins
> converted to use GimpConfig would then start accessing the config
> files directly?  I would prefer to make sure that all set/get
> operations for the configuration options are going through the PDB and
> handled by the core (this could of course be done transparently by the
> GimpConfig implementation).  If not, then it will be necessary to
> implement some kind of locking mechanism for the files, in order to
> avoid problems in case the core and a plug-in are trying to update the
> same file.  I am worried about the configuration parameters that could
> be used by more than one plug-in.

Of course plug-ins must not access gimprc directly. gimprc is the core
rc file and must only be read and written by the core. I was rather
thinking of letting each plug-in use it's own config file, located in
the ~/.gimp-2.x directory.

Regarding concurrent writes, I should probably note that
GimpConfigWriter writes to a temporary file and moves it to the final
destination when done.

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