on a related note, there's an interesting feature that we should
consider to add to Tiny-Fu and, if it stays around, to Script-Fu:

Yesterday, I moved GimpEnumStore and GimpEnumComboBox to
libgimpwidgets. GimpEnumComboBox gives you a very easy way to create a
combo-box with all possible enum values for a given registered enum.
Since all enums used in the PDB are registered with the GType system
(since GIMP 2.2), it should be easy to add a new SF-ENUM parameter
that scripts can use to allow users to choose an enum value. This
could be useful for example in perspective-shadow.scm:

   SF-OPTION     _"Interpolation"  '(_"None" _"Linear" _"Cubic")

would become

   SF-ENUM       _"Interpolation"  "GimpInterpolationType"

The advantage is that it doesn't duplicate the translatable strings
and that new interpolation types (such as the Lanczos interpolation
routines which have just been added), would automatically show up.

Kevin, would you like to hack on this or should I have a look at it?

For this to work correctly, we will need to move some more enums from
libgimp to libgimpbase but that is going to happen over the next days

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