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On Saturday 22 January 2005 18:09, you wrote:
> Many thanks for this answer. It clarifies things for me.

You're welcome.

> I am currently involved in the Scribus project which is very
> demanding. I revise and translate from English to French. Would I be
> able to do the same for GIMP is something I have to figure out before
> committing myself. I do not want to make promises I wouldn't be able
> to keep. :-)

Well, you don't need to make any promises. You just need to look at the 
phrases file for phrases that were not translated yet, and translate them one 
by one. Once you have a substanial number of phrases you submit a patch to 
it, either to one of the developers or (possibly preferably) to bugzilla.

I don't think a commitment is needed. Any contribution would be welcome, no 
matter how small.

> There are 2 reasons why I asked the question about the GIMP translation:
> 1. I thought at first it was not a matter of having enough volunteers
> to do the work (we hear so much about GIMP that I thought this was
> not an issue) but could've been only a missing link, somewhere. I
> realize this might not be the case. Never thought the translation
> could be that much behind because no-one was available at the moment
> to achieve the work. I wish I could join in right away to give a hand!

Well, the GIMP could always use more volunteers. There is plenty of work to do 
whether in translation or otherwise.

> 2. GIMP is one of the apps that is been chosen to be included in an
> offer of OSS to schools in the province of Québec and I happen to be
> one of the testers to see if the application suits the needs. The
> French localization is high in the criterias for getting this in. So
> there was my questionning.

I see.

> If I were to volunteer, of if I can find someone to join in, where
> could I pick-up the files? Is there someone directly in charge of the
> French translation that I can contact?

I don't know who is the person or group of persons in charge of the French 
translation. You should ask on the mailing list. The best way to contribute 
modifications to the GIMP is by checking out its CVS repository and 
submitting patches against it.

I'm not very familiar with the technicalities of translating. (gettext, .po 
files, etc.) I never contributed to a non-English language translation in my 
life. Despite the fact that my native language is Hebrew, I prefer the 
user-interface of my applications to be in English.

> One thing I have to tell is I'm not at all a programmer, not familiar
> with the nuts & bolts behind the scene. I can translate and ship back
> a file. 

It is preferable that you submit a patch to the file. A patch is a file that 
contains the deltas between two versions of the same file in a human-readable 
and machine-readable format. I can explain more about how to do it, if you'd 
like to contribute.


        Shlomi Fish

> As for the remaining of the work, I am only fabulously 
> impressed by what programmers and developpers can do, especially in
> the Open Source world.
> Best regards,
> Louis
> >On Thursday 20 January 2005 05:20, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> >>  Hi,
> >>
> >>  I am new to this list and new to Gimp as well.
> >>
> >>  I have a translation issue with the most recent version (GIMP 2.2)
> >>  and would like more info, please.
> >>
> >>  While many menus and strings are correctly translated into French,
> >>  lots of others remains in the original version, English.
> >>
> >>  Are there short term plans to address this issue? Is it a known issue?
> >
> >Well, the problem may be in the fact that the French translation is
> >incomplete, and so gettext leaves the English phrases that were not
> >translated as is. So, it is a known issue in all non-English languages for
> >which there is an incomplete translation.
> >
> >As for addressing them: we need people to volunteer on completing the
> >translation. Are you willing to volunteer?
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >     Shlomi Fish
> >
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Knuth is not God! It took him two days to build the Roman Empire.
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