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Script X dosent work with Tiny fu but and VsVercer for other scripts ,...... you know, it just gets messy.
Its best top keep to one, newbies will ask which to use and get confusticated answeres by opinionated experts.

Forgetting about Tiny-Fu for a moment there are still problems with the Scheme based scripts. You may not be aware that scripts written for one version of GIMP may not run in a newer version of GIMP due to changes in the PDB interface, or due to enforcement of certain rules or behaviour in GIMP itself. For example, the current version of GIMP requires you to add a layer to an image before you can manipulate its contents. Earlier versions of GIMP had no such restriction. Any script which doesn't add a layer before doing certain operations on it will fail.

Opinionated experts will often give differing and confusing answers to questions regardless of topic. In this case, the answers aren't that complicated or confusing.

The short answer is if a person isn't planning on writing their own scripts, they should use the plug-in which runs the script they want to use. For someone who does plan on writing or modifying scripts, they can use the more well known, but problematic, plug-in known as Script-Fu or they can use the newer, and less tested, plug-in known as Tiny-Fu.

It is much easier to debug scripts when using Tiny-Fu than it is when using Script-Fu. Also, if a person knows Scheme they will find it easier to write scripts for Tiny-Fu since it more closely follows the existing Scheme standards than Script-Fu ever.

(Hmm...the above two paragraphs sound like something I should add to my Tiny-Fu FAQ)

Sounds like tinyfu is better and smalled, grerater development?
Why not switch?

Tiny-Fu is better in a number of ways and I'm currently working on one additional change which is of importance to GIMP users whose written language can not be properly displayed using the ASCII character set.

I feel that a switch will be made. It is just a matter of when rather than if. It could happen as early as GIMP 2.4 or it might not happen until much later. There is no deadline or milestone currently set as to when a switch will occur.

PS, Im implying that scripting in the 2 script-fu ansd tiny fu isnt the same, if it is - then maby my arg dosent hold, tho in my expereince implimentations are useually diff.

Tiny-Fu has a set of compatability routines for Script-Fu so writing scripts for Tiny-Fu isn't that different from writing them for Script-Fu. Most Script-Fu scripts can be made to run under Tiny-Fu with few changes. The main difference is that Tiny-Fu requires you to define all your variables (as noted in the Scheme standard documentation) before you use them the first time. There are a few scripts I have run across which require larger changes since they relied on bad behaviour of the Scheme interpreter used in Script-Fu. In one particular instance, the bad behaviour was being able to globally access a variable that was defined locally in a define block.

If new scripts avoid features available in SIOD which are not defined in the Scheme standard document and all variables are defined before first use it will be easier, if not trivial, to make them run using Tiny-Fu.

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