Hi all!

The port of gimp-ace to GIMP 2.2 is more-or-less finished. (except for 
problems that mostly existed in the original version as well). It can be 
found at the same URL:


Here is the AUTHORS file giving creditswhere due: (a short URL for the picture 
referenced at the bottom is: http://xrl.us/exbj )

Original Gimp-Ace AUTHORS file:

Alex Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: 
        Adaptive Contrast Enhancement algorithm and implementation.
        (in files: glace*)

Kevin Turner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
        GIMP plug-in wrapper for the above.
        (in files: dialog.c gimp_ace.*)
Please direct all comments and queries regarding the GIMP plug-in to
Kevin Turner.  Inquiries about other implementations of Adaptive
Contrast Enhancement, or about the process itself may be directed to
Alex Stark.

Plugin-Template for GIMP 2.2.x credits:

Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Kevin Turner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Porting to GIMP 2.2.x:

stu seven - for requesting the plug-in to be ported on the IRC.

Shlomi Fish (http://www.shlmifish.org/)
    doing most of the coding required for porting.

David Odin - Providing some help in the IRC in regards to porting from 
Gtk+1.2/GIMP 1.2 to Gtk+2.x/GIMP 2.2.

Michael Schumacher - for pointing some bugs in the early version of the

Carol Spears - for help and support.

Katie Holmes - for posing to this picture:


Which is colourful, of high-quality, not too large, not too small, and
otherwise perfect for testing this plug-in (and gimpressionist before it.)

And here is the BUGS file:

Known bugs:

* Eliminate mem-leaks (see the FIXME).

* Clean up the code (there are plenty of #if 0's and stuff)

* Fix or remove the various FIXME's (if necessary - seems to be OK without it) 

See TODO for missing features

A final question: would it be possible to include this plug-in as part of the 
GIMP, so it won't be neglected anymore? 


        Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish      [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Homepage:        http://www.shlomifish.org/

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