Can the existing plugin system do the following? A color picker
plugin would (1) receive events about the cursor location and
(2) set the current color. If not, then we should think about
how to change the plugin system.

The tools would need to draw graphics. They could simply create
a new layer on top and draw the graphics on it. In preview mode,
user would see the output image equipped with the tool layer and
the original image (input image) would stay intact. The switch
of displayed image would be done by the tool.

One advantage of using a layer for the tool graphics would be
that all views would display the tool graphics. E.g., I would
see the selection tool graphics both in a wide view and in
a zoomed view.

What should all the views display, would require thinkering.
If user wants to see the preview image both in the wide view
and in the zoomed view, both views should be swapped. But this
is actually easy. Each view should have a flag for what it should
display (three choises). User could set the flag when he opens
a new view.

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