Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> There is definately some room to improve consistancy that wont
> bother either project but as I'm sure you are aware Inkscape quite
> deliberately has a different user interface from the GIMP so
> hopefully we can stick to the bits everyone can agree on.
> It is probably worth mentioning that Inkscape is likely to implement
> some form of dock to help manage the Palette windows.  It is also
> likely in the long term that the toolbar widgets in Inkscape will
> become more flexible allowing a somewhat more flexible layout of the
> user interface.

In the end the user interfaces will most likely converge even more. We
have already reduced the amount of toplevel windows and popups and
will continute to do that. As soon as we add tabbed images, we are
already rather close to an MDI-alike user interface.  I wouldn't
object against pushing the changes even further. But it needs people
who are willing and capable to work on such this.

>> To be specific, there are areas where GIMP & Inkscape provide similar
>> functionality in a slightly different way. For now I will ignore the
>> path tool.

It would beinteresting to have a comparison of the path tools in GIMP
and Inkscape. There's certainly room for improvement and it would help
users a lot if the two applications (and others) would behave somewhat

We should also try to improve interoperability between the two apps.
We already share a common format for paths, so we it should be
possible to quickly exchange paths between the two apps. GIMP 2.2
supports DND for paths. Has Inkscape added support for this? What
about the clipboard? We don't do copy-and-paste for paths yet, but we
would definitely like to add that. Does Inkscape use the system
clipboard for paths?

>> An inconsistency that came up while I was working on something is
>> the mouse wheel behavior. GIMP uses shift+scroll wheel to zoom,
>> Inkscape Ctrl+mousewheel. GIMP uses Alt+mousewheel to pan
>> horizontally, Inkscape uses Shift+mousewheel. I've filed this as
>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1115612&group_id=93438&atid=604306

GIMP in CVS now uses Ctrl+scroll wheel for zooming. Shift is being
used to pan horizontally now.

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