Roel Schroeven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Would you mind to explain what sort of problems that would be? If we
>> need special command-line switches, we can as well stick to the
>> current solution. As far as I know, the remote feature of mozilla
>> works by looking for a mozilla window in the current X session. I
>> don't see what problem that could cause on a multi-user machine.
> I don't know about problems on multi-user machines, but I've had
> problems when I tried to display Mozilla instances running on
> different machines in the same X session.

Of course you can't load a local file into a gimp instance running on
a different machine but on the same X server. That's not any different
to the current situation though. And it would probably be possible to
design the remote protocol in a way that avoids this problem. So we
can only improve things.

What hasn't been discussed at all yet, is how to implement the remote
protocol. On X11 we should probably use selections (basically what we
are doing now, perhaps done somewhat less hackish). What should be
used on Win32?

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