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Would you mind to explain what sort of problems that would be? If we
need special command-line switches, we can as well stick to the
current solution. As far as I know, the remote feature of mozilla
works by looking for a mozilla window in the current X session. I
don't see what problem that could cause on a multi-user machine.

I don't know about problems on multi-user machines, but I've had problems when I tried to display Mozilla instances running on different machines in the same X session.

Of course you can't load a local file into a gimp instance running on
a different machine but on the same X server. That's not any different
to the current situation though. And it would probably be possible to
design the remote protocol in a way that avoids this problem. So we
can only improve things.

I think we're not talking about the exact same thing.

What I mean is this: suppose you have a remote instance of the Gimp running, and then you want to open a local file in the Gimp. I think a new, local instance should start to open that file, since the remote one can't load that file. But if the remote protocol just looks for a gimp window, it will try to use the existing gimp instance to open the file. Unsuccessfully.

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