Roel Schroeven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What I mean is this: suppose you have a remote instance of the Gimp
> running, and then you want to open a local file in the Gimp. I think a
> new, local instance should start to open that file, since the remote
> one can't load that file. But if the remote protocol just looks for a
> gimp window, it will try to use the existing gimp instance to open the
> file. Unsuccessfully.

Yes, I understood that. And I said that we already have exactly this
problem with the current implementation, so it can probably not become

Daniel mentioned problems that could be caused by moving the
gimp-remote functionality to the gimp binary. I asked him to explain
what kind of problems that would be. I don't know why you answered to
this question since it appears that your answer was unrelated.

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