Great news!! I have been working in the gimp-color-manager plugin which is strongly related (in fact it can be modified to meet your 7th point)
I already have corrected the bugs found in the previous release and made some changes in order to clarify the workflow.

Actually the plugin can do

-Convert from input profile to work space profile
-Convert from work space profile to output profile
-Embed and use enbedded work space profiles (using "icc-profile" parasite)

I also want to add the conversion from work space A to work space B before releasing this version. (you can check the actual code at ftp://www.virtual-sub.org/gimp-color-manager-pre-0.0.10.tgz )

It would be great if the plugin can get the color configuration (directory to look for profiles, scanner ,workspace and printer default profiles..) from the preferences set in the new dialog.

Is there a guide to setup a cvs compilation in a local user without interfering the global configuration and the other users in the system? I am very interested on getting that color management stuff working, but I cannot change/reinstall the linux box I am using, so I must work locally.



- add a plug-in to apply color profiles

Jordi Cantón

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