Jordi CantÃn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Great news!! I have been working in the gimp-color-manager plugin
> which is strongly related (in fact it can be modified  to meet your
> 7th point)

Yes, I was hoping that we could use that plug-in for this purpose.

> It would be great if the plugin can get the color configuration
> (directory to look for profiles, scanner ,workspace and printer
> default profiles..) from the preferences set in the new dialog.

That will become possible. It's not at the top of the list but I am
working towards it.

> Is there a guide to setup a cvs compilation in a local user without
> interfering the global configuration and the other users in the
> system? I am very interested on getting that color management stuff
> working, but I cannot change/reinstall the linux box I am using, so
> I must work locally.

gimp.org has installation instructions. You can choose a dedicated
prefix at compile time.

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