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1. There are significant improvements over 0.0.9 and it no longer crashes when selecting a non-default profiles directory. But it does not allow the user to select profiles from this non-default profiles directory. I would rather that this default to a system wide location for profiles.

Actually if you change the ICC color directory all the combos are updated to the profiles of the newest selected directory. The only limitation is that all the profiles should be in the same directory. The problem of a system wide location for all the profiles is that the normal user cannot use its own created profiles. Actually, the default ICC directory for this plugin is gimp_directory ()G_DIR_SEPARATORcolor
I accept suggestions to change this. As Gimp color management is going to be centralized,what will be the official default directory for the color profiles? Is it already set?

2. It now finds monitor profiles and allows the user to select these from the display profile drop down list. It does not remember the monitor profile however after the plugin is closed. I believe that it currently does nothing with them.

Display profiles are not using actually I am gettin rid off this combo and usig it to select the work space profile instead.
The display profile should be used in the prof visualization plugin

3. The work space profile function now works. As does the Embed WS profile function.

4. It correctly displays the profile embedded in the image.

It displays the working space profile enbedded in the image. (just to clarify the question about this point)

5. The user interface is still confusing. When the user clicks on apply profile it is not clear what will happen. If Input is selected for transformation and the user selects Apply Profile what happens? Does this convert from the embedded profile to the input profile or from the input profile to the working space profile? Or ...? Same for output. What is being converted and to what?

I am working on clarifying this. Actually it does

input    input profile ---> working space profile
output   working space profile ---> output profile

if there is a working space profile enbedded in the image and the "use Enbedded profile" checkbox is checked then the enbedded profile is used as workspace profile.

6. There is a need for someplace to set the color management policies. And this plugin does not support that functionality.

I agree but these should be set globally, by the way, what should be that policies? Color management is not an easy topic and this setup should be as clear as possible.

Jordi Cantón

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