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> Gimp CVS HEAD depends on GTK+ >= 2.6.0 and Pango >= 1.8.0 now.
> Some changes which make use of the new features and/or remove ugly
> hacks due to the lack of these features have already landed in CVS.

For anyone trying to build the latest GIMP on SuSE distros (and
others), I highly recommend that you build Glib, GTK+ and their
dependencies in a separate prefix.

You should *not* attempt to install them in /usr/lib/ or
/opt/gnome/lib/.  On some systems (not SuSE, though), even installing
in /usr/local/lib/ can cause some problems so you should pick your own
directory.  Although the current Glib and GTK+ are backwards-
compatible with older versions, you will often have many problems if
you install the new libraries over those that were provided by your
distribution.  These problems can occur with some applications (not
necessarily the GIMP) because the versions that came with your distro
may have been "customized".  rebuilding them with a different
configuration or without the patches applied by your distributor will
break some applications.

The HOWTO "Build Your Stable GIMP from CVS" gives some good advice:

Basically, you should follow these steps:
- Decide where you want to install the GIMP, GTK+ and other libraries.
  The HOWTO defines a variable $PRE for that.  You can set it to
  /usr/local/ or even /prefix/, but _not_ /usr/ or /opt/gnome/.
- Set $ACLOCAL_CFLAGS and $PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that they include the
  right directories under $PRE.  Don't forget to update your $PATH if
  necessary.  See the HOWTO and the example "gimpenv" script.
- You may also have to add the directory $PRE/lib in /etc/ld.so.conf.
- Extract glib-2.6.2, pango-1.8.0, atk-1.9.0 and gtk+-2.6.2 somewhere
  in a build directory.
- For each of these libraries, do:
  ./configure --prefix=$PRE && make && make install && sudo ldconfig
  (you can add other parameters to "configure" if necessary, such as
  --with-xinput=yes for gtk+, threads options for glib, etc.)
- Then you can go to your GIMP CVS directory and do:
  ./autogen.sh --prefix=$PRE --disable-gtk-doc --disable-print

For recent distros, that's all you need to do.  For older ones, you
may have to start by installing a more recent version of fontconfig
and libart2 (libart_lgpl) in $PRE before building GLib and GTK+.

For even older distributions such as SuSE 8.1 or 8.2, you will also
have to install a newer libiconv, gettext and freetype2 (maybe also a
newer pkg-config).  Some old distributions may also require a newer
version of expat before building fontconfig.  In all cases, the
installation goes smoothly as long as you specify the right prefix
($PRE) and have the right $PKG_CONFIG_PATH.

Summary of the order in which you should install newer packages:
- libiconv   1.9.x  (only for very old systems)
- gettext    0.14.x (only for very old systems) 0.13.x should also work
- pkg-config 0.15.0 (only for very old systems)
- expat      1.95.x (only for very old systems)
- freetype2  2.1.9  (only for old systems)
- libart2    2.3.x  (only for old systems)
- fontconfig 2.2.x  (only for old systems)
- glib       2.6.2
- pango      1.8.0
- atk        1.9.0
- gtk+       2.6.2
- gimp       (CVS)

Links to the relevant libraries are on http://www.gimp.org/source/,
except for iconv and gettext that are available on any GNU mirror (if
you need them) and expat from http://www.libexpat.org/.  In all cases,
you should double-check first that the missing package is not already
provided by your distro in a -dev or -devel package.

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