Marc Lehmann wrote:
> "On my screen, there isn't". It doesn't matter to the user how something
> is implemented internally, and that it is hidden but there. by default,
> it's not there ("displayed"), and it's hard to imagine why a uI element
> that is hidden and not used in many cases should require the majority of
> cpu time.

Not that Sven needs me to defend him, but I didn't perceive that
he was trying to justify the behavior, only to explain how it
comes about.  And the fact is that there is no way to change it
except either by changing the Gtk+ code, or by not using the Gtk+
file chooser.

> I really find it bad that you think those people are ignorant - not
> everybody can (or even will) read the source to find hidden keyboard
> shortcuts. That is simply "too much" to ask from anybody. 

Your points are valid, but you have to realize that there is no such
thing as a perfect ui solution in a program as complex as GIMP.  If 
every interface element is always visible, the interface gets so
complicated as to be unusable.  But if elements are hidden, they are
hard to use for that very reason.  We can't win.  So the right
approach is not to be dogmatic, but to try to find the compromises
that work best for the largest number of users.  

  -- Bill

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