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>> as you figure out that you have been wrong, you start to claim that
>> you didn't say this or that you referred to a different subject.
> Ehem? Is this bullshitting tactics? I never changed my words. I
> originally described a problem with the gimp file dialog, which is
> caused by two things, a problem in gtk+ and a less disastrous
> problem in gimp.

We had already figured out that the file-chooser issues don't belong
here and were discussing the keybindings in the layers dialog. I
explained the Image->Layer menu to you and you claimed that it would
be hidden. I explained to you that it is clearly visible and
documented.  That would have been the moment for you to shut up.
Instead you claimed that you were still talking about the
file-chooser. You are taking your words out of the context they
originally appeared in. That's not what I would call good style.

Look at the thread again, you are obviously only interested in a
flamewar. You've been accusing us of ignoring usability issues. That
is ridiculous since we have been working on nothing but usability for
the last two years. Other people are obviously capable of proposing
enhancements without pissing people off the way you do.

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