On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 09:22:59PM +0100, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > Ehem? Is this bullshitting tactics? I never changed my words. I
> > originally described a problem with the gimp file dialog, which is
> > caused by two things, a problem in gtk+ and a less disastrous
> > problem in gimp.
> We had already figured out that the file-chooser issues don't belong

Well, it's nice that you figured that out, but I still haven't - yes, the
speed problem is inside gtk+, but not the rest of the problems.

> here and were discussing the keybindings in the layers dialog. I
> explained the Image->Layer menu to you and you claimed that it would
> be hidden.

I claimed and still claim that I cannot set shortcuts in the layers
dialog, which was possible before, and posed a problem for other people in
the past, too.

I would call this hidden, yes, and I still think it's a usability problem,
because 1.2 clearly worked better.

> I explained to you that it is clearly visible and documented.

Well, but it isn't :(

> That would have been the moment for you to shut up.

I don't understand you. I described various problems. You claim they are
simply not there. Why?

I am just trying to explain the problems to you, but your only reactions
are ignorance, hostility and bullshit like this.

You *are* ignoring these problems, because you don't even *acknowledge*
them. The worst problem is that you intimidate people who report such


> Instead you claimed that you were still talking about the
> file-chooser. You are taking your words out of the context they
> originally appeared in. That's not what I would call good style.

You are certainly not in the position to tell others about good style :(

> Look at the thread again, you are obviously only interested in a
> flamewar.

If somebody agrees with your assessment of problems you start accusing
them of spreading FUD, twisting words or starting flamewars. Please
*do* re-read the thread, if there is a flamewar, then you started it by
stopping to discuss the probem and instead resorting to needless insults.

I don't think you are interested in a flameware, neitehr am I. You seem
to be interested in silencing problem reports, though, as if they didn't

> You've been accusing us of ignoring usability issues.

There are ample examples of that :)

> That is ridiculous since we have been working on nothing but usability
> for the last two years.

Your logic is broken. Wether you worked on usability or not has no
relevance to wether you are ignoring *these* usability problems or not.

> Other people are obviously capable of proposing enhancements without
> pissing people off the way you do.

Your bullying tactics happen to work with other people, that's the
difference. Obviously there are a lot of people who can piss you off,
judging by your insulting reactions to others, too. And no, singling me
out doesn't impress me, as I went through the archives and know better...

What does that buy you, I wonder, though.

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