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> Thank you John, I have hust checked that code and compared it to the
> actual GIMP jpeg part. As I can see, actually Gimp does not support the
> embedding of ICC profiles in JPEG files.

Hi. I'm actually working on getting such things into Inkscape now, and have been
looking into details on things.

Just to let you know... there are a few different ways things might be embedded.
In general they can get three different types of metadata: EXIF, XMP and IPTC.
(I'm just getting up to speed on EXIF and IPTC and with jpeg, since my initial
focus was with SVG and XMP).

XMP is Adobe's new way to embed metadata in files. They've based it on
standards, and seem to be trying to play nice with everyone. It uses RDF for
the "how" to store data, and then gets into details of "what" to store.
Additionally, even IPTC data is getting into XMP.


The spec itself is at

Currently page 75 covers embedding XMP in Jpeg.

And this might lend a little insight

I'm not sure how much current tools are using those, but its adoption is
speeding up. Oh, and I know I've seen the image thumbnail show up in XMP for a
while now.
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