The thing that makes reorganizing the menus difficult is that 
the range of possibilities is huge, and everybody has at least
slightly different ideas about the right things to do.  Without
some mechanism for arriving at definite decisions in a structured
way, any attempt at it is bound to bog down in a fuzz of uncertainties.
The only way to get anywhere is to form a small committee of 3-4
interested and cooperative volunteers, and let them work it out.
I am asking for volunteers to serve on the Menu Committee -- our
task will be to come up with a proposal, submit it to the gimp dev
list for comments, make revisions as appropriate, then hand it
to Sven, who would try to follow the recommendations but not be
bound by them.  (He has approved of the idea of forming such a 

The first order of business would be to work out procedures, but my
thought is to try to have a few meetings on irc in which decisions
are made by working through an agenda of proposals formulated before
the meeting.  This of course depends on the compatibility of people's
schedules.  I would hope that, by being systematic, the committee can
work efficiently enough so as not to spend a tremendous amount of
time on this.

If you are interested in participating in the menu committee, please
let me know by personal email.  

Best wishes,
  -- Bill

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