I've been trying to come up with a way to get the clone tool
to show a message in the status area saying "Ctrl-click to
set source" whenever the source needs to be set.  It isn't
easy, because gimp_paint_tool_oper_update() is not written
to handle the status area in a cooperative way.  Here is an
approach that I think will work, and I would like to get an
opinion on whether it is the right thing to do, or whether 
there is a better way.

Suggested approach:

1) Add a "status_msg" field to GimpPaintTool, which will normally
be NULL.

2) In gimp_paint_tool_oper_update, use status_msg if it is non-null,
otherwise use the existing code to create a status message.

3) Add an oper_update callback to the clone tool, which sets or unsets
status_msg as appropriate before chaining up.

  -- Bill


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