> I've been trying to come up with a way to get the clone tool
> to show a message in the status area saying "Ctrl-click to
> set source" whenever the source needs to be set.

Maybe when the cursor needs to be set, instead of displaying
the "(/)" [NO] cursor, clicking could do something useful like
setting the source. I propose adding a checkbox called 
"Select source" to the clone tool dialog under Image Source.
The box should be auto-checked when the source needs to be set,
and auto-unckecked each time the source is set. If it needs to be set,
it should probably be grayed and checked until the source is set.
The crosshair stamp cursor would be good as when ctrl is being held 
down in place of the  "(/)" [NO] cursor.

This would help:
1. New users to learn quicker (experimenting more likely to do 
something interesting)
2. Advanced users to work quicker (1 less action required when starting)
3. Disabled users (don't need to hold the key while clicking)


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