Carol Spears wrote:
> if i try to "New Layer" a floating layer that has been pasted onto a
> mask, gimp refuses with an error message.

This is not new behaviour. 

> for my limited understanding of the reason for floating layers to still
> exist, this behavior tells me that the need for them has gone.

This is the only behaviour which justifies floating selections,

>  if gimp
> can tell the difference between a drawable or an image

Actually, it's the difference between a GimpLayer and a
GimpLayerMask (which are both drawables).

> can floating layers go away now?  the arguments for them have ceased to
> have meaning.

What UI do you suggest?

1) If we are pasting a selection which was made from a layer then
create a new layer
2) If we are pasting a selection which was made from a mask or a
channel, create a floating selection, but don't display it in the
layers dialog, and only allow anchor selection

Does that sound like what you would like to happen?


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