An 'adjust related keybindings' menu item for relevant docks would help a lot 
to ease keyboard-configuration. This would open the prefs->configure keyboard 
shortcuts dialog, scrolled to the relevant area.

the difficulty of dynamic-keyboard-shortcutting, you can avoid by creating a 
shortcut scheme in advance.
In mine,
I have P mapped to pencil, shift+P to paintbrush, ctrl+P to clone, 
ctrl+shift+P to airbrush, ctrl+alt+P to ink, alt+shift+p to dodge/burn. I 
followed this scheme through all the keybindings. commonest used -> quickest 
to access, least used == slowest to access. (another example: C == Copy. 
SHIFT+C == Cut, CTRL+C == Copy Visible, CTRL+ALT+C == Copy Named, 
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C == Cut Named. and all the clear/fill with.. actions are 
mapped to F plus modifiers. Undo/redo is mapped to ; because i have a dvorak 
keyboard.) . 

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