I am currently working on a poster, and it's huge (from the point of
view of the amount of memory I have ;) ). Once in a while I have to
post it to the mailing list for my people to see if they like it and
tell me what to change. Every time I want to mail it I first have to
save it (.xcf), then scale it down, save as jpg then undo the scaling
or just close and load again. So I thought it would be great if there
was an option in the save dialog to choose the size you want to save
the image in. It could be hidden in the "Advanced Options" or
something so that usually it wouldn't bother you.
What do you think about this? Should I put up a reuqest on bugzilla for that?
It shouldn't be too hard to implement, since it's just one more
operation during saving (like flattening or so) and it would require
copying the Scale Image dialog somewhere to the Save Dialog. It would
save you undo memory, and time.

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