That is great.

I did not know that the GIMP could reuse tiles from one image to 
another. Actually, I didi not tought this was done even from a layer 
to another - that explains why adding new layers to large images goes 
so smoothly.

I am more than happy.

How does this memory usega behave when one apply a transform (scale 
down in this case), ont he image, or on a copy of it?

Because Mateusz wrote me that the disabling undo improved the 
performance of the operation. 

Maybe it is just the beneffits f not having  "X" allocated anymore, 
and therefore no more swaps after the scale down.



On Sunday 20 February 2005 11:43, GSR - FR wrote:

> I assume there is Copy On Write, thus delaying real memory usage
> (and the bandwidth too) until the data changes. Lets see COW at
> work:
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