Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> while building GIMP for the threading test I noticed that
> builds where the source dir is not the object directory are
> slightly broken; in particular the intlfoo magic in the tips
> directory doesn't take the SRCDIR into account and thus failes
> badly and the following (generated) files are built in OBJDIR
> but searched for in SRDIR:
> libgimpthumb/gimpthumb-enums.c
> libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgetsmarshal.c
> libgimp/gimpenums.c
> app/core/gimpmarshal.h
> Anyone here who can fix that with some Makefile-fu?

make distcheck builds with srcdir != builddir so this should work and
is tested quite often. Why do you think those files would be looked
for in $(srcdir)?

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