Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Actually .. is the right spot since make is moving in and out of
> the objdir. However I can see why you would prefer an obsolute
> path, that's why I was asking this question.
> Anyway, libtool is using objdir for it's internal object
> management which is for instance some .libs directory on Linux
> machines, so we can pretty much forget about using this. Instead
> we'd need a new variable into the game and the closest I can
> think of is far nastier than three relative paths which at least
> won't require major surgery.

What's wrong with $(top_builddir)?

BTW, the problems you are seeing only apply to builds from CVS. The
tarball has all the generated source files, so everything is where
the Makefiles are looking for it. It appears though that we do indeed
require to build a CVS checkout in the srcdir.

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