Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Would a patch like the former but with absolute paths instead
> of the relative ones be okay for CVS after a verification build?

We would probably have to add this to all Makefile.am in the app
subdirs then?!

> Indeed, however not having to clutter the srcdir with generated
> files and other cruft is a big must-have in my book especially
> while developing, so I'm sort of confused that this hasn't shown
> up earlier...

There are .cvsignore files that cover these files. Building in the
srcdir is common practice and I don't see anything wrong with it.
Usually the srcdir != builddir only shows up when people are building

> Besides, there're some checks missing in configure for
> applications which are really needed to build from CVS, like
> intltool and xsltproc.

There are checks for these tools in autogen.sh and you are supposed to
run this (and you are supposed to read HACKING even if you think you
don't need autogen.sh).

> Especially for the latter it's really annoying that I can get
> through configure just fine but in menus/ the Makefile will bail out
> because xsltproc is desperately needed, so I need to install it and
> rerun configure to get rid of the problem; not the finest English...

The tarball can be built w/o these tools and we don't want it to
depend on them. So it would be wrong to move these checks into
configure. Our english is actually rather carefully chosen...

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