On 27.02.2005, at 01:14, Sven Neumann wrote:

We would probably have to add this to all Makefile.am in the app
subdirs then?!

Only to those containing sources which refer to automatically generated headers, about 3 or 4.

There are .cvsignore files that cover these files. Building in the
srcdir is common practice and I don't see anything wrong with it.

Well, noone stops you from doing this but that's not clean or even superior.

Usually the srcdir != builddir only shows up when people are building

Err, no. For one I really don't like having to backup wasted sources and bandwidth is not plenty here to refetch from scratch or some random point in the past.

Second, many people (including me) like to build for several
architectures from one sourcebase. In case of GIMP it's only
four for me (i386, x86_64, ppc linux, ppc OS X) but there are
others where I do some more (ARM linux, mipsel linux, ppc linux
uclibc, mipsel linux uclibc, ARM linux uclibc) and in case of
compilers even crosscompilers and stuff. It's really hard to
imagine having to clone something like the gcc sources several
times to build in the source directory, leave alone keeping all
of them up-to-date....

Building packages is one possible use for this, but since
typically at least the sources and the closer environment are
rebuilt per try it doesn't matter whether one builts in the source
or not; what matters more there is DESTDIR capability....

There are checks for these tools in autogen.sh and you are supposed to
run this (and you are supposed to read HACKING even if you think you
don't need autogen.sh).

Of course I ran autogen.sh, however I did *not* run it per target as this makes the whole point of seperating srcdir and objdir moot...

Especially for the latter it's really annoying that I can get
through configure just fine but in menus/ the Makefile will bail out
because xsltproc is desperately needed, so I need to install it and
rerun configure to get rid of the problem; not the finest English...

The tarball can be built w/o these tools and we don't want it to
depend on them. So it would be wrong to move these checks into
configure. Our english is actually rather carefully chosen...

So what do I have to do to make the sources self-contained?


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