On 27.02.2005, at 02:55, Manish Singh wrote:

Only to those containing sources which refer to automatically
generated headers, about 3 or 4.

No, we should add it to all of them.

Agreed. Consistency is good.

In fact, it already *is* in some of them.

So here's what I'm currently doing. I took the 4 lines block -I$(top_builddir) -I$(top_srcdir) -I$(top_builddir)/app -I$(top_srcdir)/app and put it into all app/*/Makefile.am instead of their incomplete or shuffled variants. This makes the include paths consistent across all subdirectories and hopefully take care of all problems without causing sideeffects. I'm compiling with those changes right now.

./autogen.sh on one system, make dist it, and unpack and build from your
disted tarball for the rest of your builds.

Cool, I've been searching for a target "release" or something but couldn't find it... ;)

Or just do your due
diligence and be consistent about all your dependencies on the targets
you build on.

This is impossible for various reasons. One being that auto* like to link into the filesystem which would need identical directory and installation setups on all, likely very different, systems, (e.g. Linux and OS X). Another being that different devices have different capabilities and for instance no graphical output or run Gtk+2 on a different backend like Windows or DirectFB.

Which brings me to the next problem I'm facing on x86_64 Linux:
the screenshot plugin fails to link because it tries to -lX11
directly which for some reason cannot be found because the library
path seems to be incomplete at the point of reference...


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