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"balachandran c" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes: 

>    I am writing a plugin which requires comparing one row of pixels with
>    the one following it. . . . how should it be done?

There are lots of examples in the GIMP source that you can look at.
Among the simplest is plug-ins/common/blur.c.

>    One part of the algorithm involves quantizing the image, and the other
>    involves user input. They are independent steps. Is it advisable to
>    use one thread to launch the quantizing step, while the other waits
>    for user input? 

Usually what I do in a situation like this is to have the time-consuming
code at intervals execute a little chunk of code like this:

while (gtk_events_pending ())
  gtk_main_iteration ();

This processes all Gtk+ events that have occurred since the last check,
and then returns control to the function.

  -- Bill

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