On 28.02.2005, at 00:25, Sven Neumann wrote:

The histogram code does already use the threaded pixel-processor. You
think we could simplify the code? IMO the current solution isn't all
that bad. But I haven't benchmarked it so I don't really know...

I tried to introduce the per-thread initialization code today but
figured that it adds quite some complexity. It could certainly be done
but I don't see much need for it any longer.

The first goal should be to reduce complexity. Today I looked into parallelizing some *really* slow code: supersampling. Activating it slows down the processing *much* more than just the factor of the supersampling "depth". And hey, the code is uglee at least a top candidate for the ugliest code left in The GIMP.

NB: Not that I had any idea what supersampling might be good for
in the case of gradients, but what do I know...


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