Some short notes about my talk on GIMP 2.2+ and the feedback that
I got during and after the presentation:

- Several people liked the improved drag-and-drop support and it
  looks like some of them were not aware of the option to drag
  images as new layers inside an existing image.

- They also seemed to like the generated brushes and the fact
  that they can be resized easily with some keyboard shortcuts.

- Amusingly, the most visible features (previews in tools and
  plug-ins, for example) caused less reactions than the useful
  tricks (drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts) that are not
  visible until someone shows them to you or you take the time
  to read all help pages.

- I got some expected questions about the user interface and
  these turned into a 10 minutes debate between some who would
  like to see some kind of MDI support (like Photoshop and other
  programs) and others who prefer the current interface.  The
  expected conclusion is that having MDI as an option would be
  useful for many users but this will only materialize if
  someone takes the time to write the code.

- One guy asked about better support for typesetting and said
  that the GIMP was unusable for any serious work if it did not
  support text orientation and letter spacing.  He insisted
  very much on that.  Thanks to Pippin for telling him that
  most of the infrastructure is ready for that in Pango, but it
  takes time to implement the GIMP part (UI and logic).  I
  doubt that the guy will submit a patch, though...

- I got some questions about how to make sure that one can take
  a picture in raw format from a digicam (e.g., with gtkam) and
  have all the metadata correctly handled and preserved until
  the final image is saved.  This is too difficult today,
  especially if dcraw messes up the metadata for raw images.

- One guy asked if a plug-in could be notified of any changes to
  an image so that it could propagate those changes to another
  image or a preview.  This could be an interesting idea that
  needs more discussion and would require some changes to the
  plug-in API and wire protocol.

- Surprisingly, I did not get too many questions about support
  for CMYK or more than 8 bits per channel.

Other tidbits about FOSDEM:

- Judging by the attendance, the talk by Alan Cox on Sunday
  about how to manage a stable kernel seemed to be the most
  popular.  The room had 1400+ seats and 3/4 were occupied.

- The KDE people were visible and well organized: they printed
  small posters for each KDE talk with a nice Konqui image, the
  title of the presentation, its location and time.  They were
  everywhere.  In comparison, the advertisements for GNOME talks
  were invisible.  Even GNUstep and Plan 9 had more posters.

- There were many interesting presentations.  Among those that I
  enjoyed: Wikipedia by Jimbo Wales, Kernel by Alan Cox, GPL
  Enforcement by Harald Welte and the desktop track with KDE by
  Matthias Ettrich, XFCE by Olivier Fourdan and Nautilus by Alex

- I hope that I will see more GIMP developers next year!

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