]> ]> A) Use a dialog ... annoying (like popup ads).
]> ]> B) Use the Tool Options ... Good choice. 
]> ]C) Use the status bar...(x, y, width, height) entry boxes...
]> ]...A little button in a corner of the status bar ...
]> Tool Options would be more consistent
]Not really...likely to be visible...space in the Tool Options...
]I like the idea that the user would only see the controls and
]options that make sense for the current task...
]Also, the coordinates in these entry boxes are updated automatically 
]when you drag the selection, which is something that would be a bit 
]more unusual to have in the Tool Options tab (IMHO).

There are tools where the controls in the Tool Options box 
change on their own (mode buttons for all of the selection tools 
change state as you work with the tool), so automatic updating 
of controls there wouldn't be entirely new.

]I think that it would be nice to have such a solution for the
]selection tools, the crop tool and all transform tools.

I don't really mind option C. (I'm only pointing out some 
observations) If we do use option C, would it be possible 
to locate both the coordinates and the size in the area to 
the left of the unit-selection instead of where status messages 

 | [100],[100] | [px] | [100%] | 4.2 MB selection       |
 | [420]x[300] |


 | [100],[100] | [px] | [100%] | Selection: [50]x[200]  |

(The status line seems to be tall enough for 2 boxes, since the
drop-down boxes take up that much space.)

This would help keep the status message area on the right
of these numbers available for status messages, with a consistent
size and usage.  Careful attention to details like these could make 
option C a good choice.


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