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Yes, "radial rainbow hoop" gradient (linear 6 pixel to right sawtooth)
without supersampling it paints mostly red and with it shows the muddy
colour mix you would get if you render big and scale down:
http://www.infernal-iceberg.com/gimp/tmp/gradient-supersampling-03- crop.png

There're lots of nasties on can trigger with deliberate choices, but do they really matter in reality?

The price is an user decision, and default is supersampling off,
right? If it is removed, the price you impose is not so low: render
into a big version then scale down and copy. Which means fucked up
workflow and no adaptive algorithm, so even slower computing and user
working a lot more.

Apart from a blend on a big image with a scaledown being a magnitude faster than rendering on the small image with activated supersampling, I'm actually for a good reason to improve the supersampling code rather than remove it.

But so far the input has not been very convincing.

Dunno... but should GIMP care and target a worse solution cos someone
else is behind?

Huh? The goal is perfection and this is only to reach by *thinking* and constantly reconsidering approaches. By simply throwing code and UI elements at an implementation in the hope to hit a problem you're gaining nothing but a buggy, bloated and unnecessary complicated application.


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