I would like to announce a new great Gimp plugin : GREYCstoration. It
can be used for restoring photos. Take a look at examples :

Original examples (with inpainting and resize examples) :
http://www.greyc.ensicaen.fr/~dtschump/greycstoration/demo.html (en)

My examples :
http://www.girouette-stinner.com/castor/restore.html (fr)

I also compared GREYCstoration to Denoise Deluxe and Noise Ninja,
results are very good (I think) :
http://www.girouette-stinner.com/castor/compare.html (fr)

You can try the plugin (version 0.1.1, not all functions are
implemented, only restore) :

The plugin works with Gimp 2.2.x (because it is using preview) and is
written in C++.


The algorithm is written by David Tschumperlé. Everything is explain in
GREYCstoration website :


The plugin and the algorithm are under GNU GPL and CeCILL licenses
(CeCILL is compatible with GNU GPL licence).

Bye, Haypo

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