Le mercredi 16 mars 2005 à 20:43 -0800, Hal V Engel a écrit :
> Tried to install the plugin but I am having some problems.  It appears that 
> the normal ./configure && make  && make install does not work

Yes, the program don't use the classic autotools. But it is planed.

> So I did a make and this appeared to work so I did a 
> make install which also appeared to work.  But when I try to use the plugin 
> in GIMP 2.2.3 it is grayed out.

Sorry, I forgot to say that GREYCstoration only work on picture in RGB
mode (convert your picture in menu Image > Mode > RGB). It also support
RGBA (with alpha channel), but the channel isn't modified.

> I am running Gentoo Linux 2004.3 on an amd64 machine configured as a x86_64 
> machine (IE. 64 bit code).  Not sure if that matters so I thought I should 
> give you this info in case it does. 

I don't know. You will tell me ;-)


Laxminarayan Kamath & Hal V Engel : Why don't you answer in Gimp mailing
list ?

Bye, Haypo

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